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Only 12 Miles

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I only ran 12 miles this morning. Just 12. Yeah, I know I come across as an arrogant POS saying that. But, it's true, I only ran 12 miles today, and I find that amazing. And other fellow Run for Researchers were saying it too. And they were just as amazed.

But, the really, truly amazing thing is, if I can get to a place where I can make such an outlandish proclamation, you could too.


I remember so well feeling like my lungs and legs were going to explode running (really more speed-walking) 2 miles from my office to Mass. Ave. and back. I remember a year or so later when I did my first big mileage on Fridays - the Friday 5. I did it by focusing on the experience (the Charles River area is really one of the most beautiful places to run). I did it by focusing on small goals, and only expanding once they became comfortable. I did it by focusing on mileage before pace. And, in the end, really did it by just doing it.

And today, I only ran 12.

And someday, so could you.


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